Love Poems From My Heart

Poem 1

This is a Poem from my heart about living in the present moment and enjoying the attention, presence and love of the One for You!

Just BE with me.

Just Sit with me.

Just Allow me to Dwell in your divine succulent presence.

Just BE you without distractions.

Just BE you without your protective walls.

Just BE you, the romantic king that makes my Queen’s heart swell with divine love.

Just BE you, the gentleman that I know you are and can choose to Be.

Just BE you, the kind and loving soul that I know you are.

Just BE you, the authentic perfect “designed by God” king made for greatness destined to soar and roar.

Just BE you, my Hero, the one who swept me off my feet with your divine sexy eyes and generous heart.

Let’s carry each other in the beauty and magnificence of our united spirits, in this moment.

The only moment there is.

Just BE with me in the NOW.

No one else exists.

No one else matters.

Just you and I.

Your attention is more priceless than anything you could ever give me.

So just BE with me in this moment, because for now, only you and I exist surrounded by the grace and love of God in the sacredness of our unity. Just BE with me.

Queen Marième Faye

Poem 2

A Love declaration from Queen Marième’s Heart to her King’s Heart

I fell in love with you heart,

Then your spirit romanced me.

Your soul snatched my unconditional love and refused to let go.

My spirit said yes.

My soul said yes.

My body said yes and yearns for yours since then.

You are the apple of my eyes.

I know that God loves me deeply because He created You just for me.

You amplify my joy.

You uplift my spirit.

You make me feel beautiful, sexy and divine.

You bring out the divine feminine and the goddess in me who is captived by you.

The Queen in me yearns for the King in you.

I can’t wait to fully surrender myself to you forever; spirit, mind, soul and body.

I can’t wait for us to be ONE under God.

You make me feel safe, loved and cherished.

You treasure me as I treasure you.

Together, we shall continue to raise each other’s hearts to the level of pure, divine, deep, authentic unconditional love.

Love that some people only dream of and experience through romantic movies.

Love that we get to experience every day, lost in each other and into each other.

Love that makes the birds sing for us every morning as they can feel our hearts’ connection.

Love that make us feel joy, happiness and bliss everyday.

Love that conquers All hearts, elevates spirits and seduces souls to ecstasy and full divine communion.

This is how much I love you my dear King, this Love that I have for you is purely unexpected which makes it so much more powerful and exciting.

I love you mon amour, mon coeur, mon chéri, ma vie.

Patti Stanger Is the Love of Our Living Rooms

Okay, maybe she is not the love of all living rooms, but she is the love of mine. Whether you’re in a long-term stalemate with your current partner or have been drowning in dead end dates as long as you can remember, the Millionaire Matchmaker ignites a small fire inside all viewers. Even those who don’t like Patti Stanger, hate to love her show. Why? Best put by Patti’s clients themselves, success is empty without someone to share it with. Wanting love is universal and Patti’s show makes us feel closer to obtaining better relationships, those we are already in or those we want to obtain.

Her scholarly advice and creative, personalized exercises show us that if we haven’t been successful in love it’s because we have been in our own way. Some viewers may think she’s been offensive and shallow on the show, but if you reflect on the content deeper you will see the high psychological value. Taking into account parental and past relationship influences, Patti cleverly and intuitively collects human samples containing what a client both needs and wants (albeit sometimes shallow. She’s just “getting down to brass tacks”!). It’s the client who ultimately does the picking and sometimes their picker is broken.

In Patti’s defense of those who scrutinize her personal relationship success and the rate at which her clients and their matches are riding off into the sunset together, it’s Patti’s work that assists clients to make the mental adjustments necessary to have future success. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither is lasting romance and partnership. Many clients found love off-air after being a guest on the show as a result of Patti’s love labor.

The third generation matchmaker has come a long way since the show’s birth in 2008. If you’ve watched earlier episodes you can tell Patti has refined the art of matchmaking and has also grown a lot herself, personally and spiritually. The Millionaire Matchmaker has become a household name, a book author and an XM radio host. What’s next? Who will I turn to in 20 years, assuming I’m a millionaire and divorced by then? Stanger fans like me can only hope Patti finds her own match and passes the torch. If not, she’s been sharing her industry secrets with students of Matchmaking Institute, an online training program and community for those who also feel love is their calling.

So What Stands in Your Way From Having a Satisfying Relationship? Finding Out Is the Key to Success

Many women are quite “susceptible” to suffer after a broken relationship. The reasons might be many, and might differ from one woman to another. However, the main issue is, whether a woman can “learn” how to maintain a successful intimate relationship and not having the need to look for a new partner time and again. The answer is quite a simple one: when you develop Self-Awareness, getting to understand what, in your attitudes and behaviors cause a relationship to fail, you can then become empowered to develop and maintain a successful intimacy.

Some of the ways by which you sabotage your relationships

To love and be loved is wonderful. However, when you love “without borders”; when you give of yourself unconditionally (which is very romantic); when you “sacrifice” yourself “at the altar of the relationship”; when you let your partner dictate the nature of the relationship (or lack of), rather than making sure you have a relationship of mutual give & take, you then might find yourself, time and again, frustrated, bitter, sad and alone.

What makes you behave in such self-sabotaging ways?

The reasons might be many, and might differ from one woman to another. You might behave that way out of low self-esteem; out of fear of abandonment; out of bottomless need for love; out of the belief that giving oneself totally to their loved ones is heroic, altruistic, etc.

Regardless of what drives you to behave in ways which sabotage your relationships (time and again) it is quite likely that you are unaware of what you do wrong. First, you don’t see any “wrong-doing” by offering so much love. Second, if you would have been aware of the ways in which you sabotage your relationships you would have probably make the necessary changes by now.

Lack of Self-Awareness drives you to sabotage your relationships time and again

Many are unaware of the needs and fears which drive their behaviors (such as: fear of abandonment; the need to be loved and appreciated). Nor are they aware of the behavioural patterns they have developed throughout the years based on these fears and needs (such as: sacrificing yourself; being there 100% for your partner, etc.). The behaviors and attitudes you think will “save” your relationships and “save” you from being left by a partner, are exactly those which sabotage your relationships and leave you alone, once more.

However, not being aware of this turn of events, you are likely to continue behaving in these self-sabotaging ways over and over again, regardless of how many relationships you have had.

Developing your Self-Awareness is a key to becoming able to maintaining a successful intimacy

Developing your Self-Awareness is the key to becoming able to understand your self-sabotaging behaviors and the needs and fears which drive you to behave the way you do.

It is only when you become aware that you begin to realize how you shoot yourself in the foot in relationships until now (believing you are doing “the right” thing and not realizing the opposite is true).

Now, with your new awareness, you begin to understand what you need to change in your behaviors and attitudes. You also begin to see what you can do in order to control your needs and fears from driving you to sabotage your relationships once more.

Self-awareness empowers you to begin being assertive with potential partners; knowing realizing your right to having a mutual give & take relationship; and knowing how to set up borders even with your loved one.

The road to Self-Awareness

The road to Self-Awareness shouldn’t be paved with difficulties. If you tread this road with positive thinking and attitude, believing that, at the end, it will lead you to becoming stronger and more empowered to maintain a successful intimacy, you will realize that you enjoy and appreciate the process, the journey, the way leading up to finding a partner with whom you will develop a relationship which will be based on true love, mutual give & take and appreciation.